Ep168: The Dankest Feastwood

Two weeks on the trot, who would have thunk it?  This week we lost a Jon but gained a Fish, so the balance of the universe is only lightly disrupted.

Games discussed this week:

  • SP: Minecraft, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Super Stardust Ultra VR

  • FM: Trials of the Blood Dragon, Minecraft, Titanfall 2

  • BS: Titanfall 2, MWR, Gears, Thumper

• We record the show live, typically on Sundays at 8:30PM EST, but this is no way cast in stone.. at http://twitch.tv/gamepuncherspod

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• Most of our professional intro bumpers are performed by the amazingly talented voice artist Kathryn Haywood. She can be found, communicated-with, and booked on her website. Thank you Kathryn!

• The intro is called Breakthrough by Ben Landis, and can be found on the Adventures in Pixels album.

• The outro music, as always, is the amazing Roll With the Changes by the immortal REO Speedwagon.

• We use the track At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal by the John Anderson Big Band for the Charts.