About Gamepunching


Jon and Steve used to write for GameRant.com. Fraser and Fish something something...

Now they don't do those things, but they do do this thing, which is talking a lot about video games and recording the conversations in podcast form. 

Know then that it is the year 10191. The Known Universe is ruled by the Padishah Emperor Shaddamn IV, my father. In this time, the most precious substance in the universe is Dr. Becker and Sparks Energy Beer.

Jon, Fraser, Fish and Steve host the GamePunchers Podcast, and it is the most regressive and ponderous video game podcast on the internet. Inside of it, they talk about games they've been playing and maybe some news. It really isn't that kind of show, though, because games discussed can be from any time in the vidjagameverse. The stuff we talk about most likely isn't what all the other video game podcasts are talking about.


They are the nerdiest losers you'll ever meet. But they are also secret winners who are true of heart. If you also are a secret winner who is true of heart and want to talk to us about games, let us know and you can jump on the show for a week and punch some games with us!