Ep25: Shim Shitty

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. This week we tackle the catastrophic Sim City launch, We discuss why EA is literally Hitler, and round it off with a listing of all the studios EA has bought, milked dry and then closed.

We also touch on The Walking Dead TV Show, Swamp Thing comics, the "Riker's Beard" moment in every serialized TV shows, and we give out a lot of really bad parenting advice.

Games discussed this week include (but are not limited to) XCOM, Real Racing (iOS), Sim City,the God of War: Ascension demo (as well as the God of War franchise as a whole), and Organ Trail (iOS). 

A lot of downright grumbling and complaining in this one, but it's probably worth it, so you should still listen anyway.

In case you were wondering, the intro is called "Breakthrough" by Ben Landis, and can be found on the Chiptunes = Win album, along with many others that I use for the low background stuff.

The outro music is called "Hexapod" by the incredible BLAZAR.