Ep24: Screw Raiding Tombs, Let's Just beat Lara With Sticks For 6 Hours

Oh knock it off. Of course we don't condone the severe and prolonged beating of gaming's favorite exploretress... we do find it distressing how willingly Crystal Dynamics throws her under the grisly bus, though. Anyway...

As a black chasm of newslessness descends on the gaming industry in wake of the PS4 announcement, we are left with fully-healed voices and absolutely nothing to say.

At least Jon played something new, namely Real Racing 3 on iOS, and the new Star Wars tables for Zen Pinball. Steve just played God of War HD and Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Thrill, as we wait for the God of War: Ascension demo to download over the PlayStation Network. Gasp, as we discuss PS3 power supply replacement, and coo as we fawn over our brand new iPad Mini's.

This is the second-shortest GamePunchers ever, so.... .....I'm not sure where that sentence was going. Enjoy?

In case you were wondering, the intro is called "Breakthrough" by Ben Landis, and can be found on the Chiptunes = Win album, along with many others that I use for the low background stuff.

The outro music is called "Hexapod" by the incredible BLAZAR.