Ep5: SkyrimSkyrimSkyrim

Kat is sickeningly in love with Skyrim, which of course is an abomination and a blight on all good, decent church-going folk. As I sit here in my assless, boiled greaves, blazed out of my mind on Nirnroot and cupping a Draugr's balls, I can only imagine the kinds of disgusted looks she must get when whispering of her deviant, forbidden love in public.

This week's podcastingu finds Kat and Steve discussing the difficulties involved in talking about Skyrim on a podcast without spoiling major plot developments. Steve bemoans Rage's inability to make sense or be engaging, and then throws open the drapes and sheds light on the formidably-tricky minefield that is letting your 6 year old son host a multiplayer Minecraft server.

So please to be listening, won't you?

Hope you like it, and by all means, if you dig on the music, please drop by SuperGiant Games' Bandcamp page and by yourself a copy of Darren Korb's Bastion Soundtrack.

Peace and Skeever Grease

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