Ep3: Games of Our Lives

Guess what - we done made another one. In the 3rd episode of GamePunchers Kat and Steve compensate for having very little to discuss during the "What have you been playing?" segment, by waxing rhapsodic about the various games and gaming memories they have collected and cherished throughout their lives as gamers.

That said,. Steve did manage to get his Red Faction: Guerrilla on... so, that;'s something.

Overall, the games we discuss in any kind of detail this week are: Red Faction: Guerrilla, Catherine, Minecraft, Elite, Gallop Racer 2003, California Games, StarFox/StarWing, and Space Quest.

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As always, a billion thanks to Darren Korb of SuperGiant Games for kindly granting us permission to use the entire Bastion Soundtrack for our humble broadcast. You can buy yourself a copy of the album right here, and I recommend you do so now, with gusto.