ON WE IS ON HIATUS... (until November 22)

You might have noticed that our last 3 weeks have been podcast-free. Yeah, sorry about that. It has become apparent that my irreverent co-host, Kat, has so much college work going on right now that playing games with a critical eye, and with discussion in-mind, is practically a non-option.

This is a real shame, not only for Kat herself -- not being game-active during this time of year is like a death sentence, but also because we have a lot of games to talk about.

Gears of War 3 was top of our lists, as you will know if you listened to the last podcast. We did get to play about an hour's worth of Horde 2.0 on Sandbar shortly after the game's release, and I've finished the campaign, but I know Kat needs many more hours of Gears'ing under her belt before she feels comfortable discussing it at length.

I have also played a bunch of the new ICO\Shadow of the Colossus HD pack -- which is something we both hold dear and we acknowledge needs a good talking-about. Most recently I've been shooting a lot of things in id Software's Rage. The most beautifully-fucked up-looking game I've played in years. This requires discussion also.

So, yes, this hiatus sucks big time, but I don't see a way around it... unless I enlisted a temporary co-host to fill the specifically-Kat-shaped boots for a couple of weeks... something I'm not sure is even doable.

Oh well... again, apologies. We are only just getting off the ground here, and I know that a stall in weekly content this early in the game is a slight setback, but what can I do? Zip-dicky. Regardless, we will return from our slumber on the week of November 22nd, triumphant, refreshed, a little wiser, and with more games to talk about than can  feasibly fit in a 90 minute podcast.

So, come on back around in late November, when we wise fwom our gwaves. Remain RSS'ing us and you won't even need to set a reminder in your calendar.