The Bioshock infinite Bullshot! Spoilercast

I should have gotten this posted last week. Sorry!

Steve was a guest on the Bullshot! Podcast last week, to join in on the discussion about  Bioshock Infinite and what the fuck we all thought it was talking about.

Bullshot! is a funny-ass show - now 145 episodes strong - that is also full of juicy industry news and swear words. You may remember the hosts from such GamePunchers episodes as Ep15: The Isle of Man and Ep17: the Test Chamberrr


Ep15: The Isle of Man

Ep15: The Isle of Man

The Bullshot! Podcast crew (being Jim Plachy and seasoned GamePunchers veteran Brendan "The Jesus Fish" Saricks) joined me this week for what I think you'll all agree once hearing it is a locomotive of relentless sinewy, raw-jaw talent and videogame discussion.

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