Ep15: The Isle of Man

The Bullshot! Podcast crew (being Jim Plachy and seasoned GamePunchers veteran Brendan "The Jesus Fish" Saricks) joined me this week for what I think you'll all agree once hearing it is a locomotive of relentless sinewy, raw-jaw talent and videogame discussion. This week we cover Diablo 3 (because computers), the first episode in TellTale Games' The Walking Dead serialized adventure game, and how Plachy and I firmly believe that the $15 scrappy upstart PS3-exclusive downloadable title Journey is currently our game of the year.

We started talking about how Robin Gibb (no longer stayin' alive, sadly) was born on the Isle of Mann... and after a while we'd said it so many times it actually started sounding like some epic 'cradle of civilization' place, or a new realm in WOW. The Isle. OF MAN.

We end things on a prescient note as we crystal-ball some E3 shit.

Segways, Soda Streams, and how we think the Wii U will implement its screenpad-thing for the announced Aliens: Colonial Marines game (hint: motion tracker, stupid).

It's all here, so strap it on and ride em out.


Mortals! You defy the gods? I sentence you to travel among unknown stars. Until you buy the Bastion Soundtrack by Darren Korb of SuperGiant Games, your bodies shall remain as lifeless as stone…

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