Ep1: Scary Games!

After five weeks of preparation, test-recordings, hurricanes and earthquakes, Episode 1 of the GamePunchers podcast is finally available for listening-to's.

For our very first (official) outing, Kat shares her accidentally-perfect playthrough of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Steve does a really, REALLY bad job of explaining what Minecraft is, and then, although they both want to talk about really scary games, they just end up talking about Silent Hill 2.

Hope you enjoy it - Remember, this is our first one, so if you think it sounds amateur, that'll be because it is, so I guess my advice to you would be to just deal.

Major thanks and appreciation to Darren Korb of SuperGiant Games for giving us permission to use not just one track, but the whole damn album, of the Bastion Soundtrack. It's like a Firefly festival from beginning to end, and is just the bees knees. If you like the music -- and I can't see anyone hating it -- please head on over to their BandCamp page and buy yourself a copy of the album.

Now, although I secretly told myself prior to recording that I should at least attempt to keep the swearing quotient to a low growl, unfortunately episode 1 is just rife with dirtymouth. So, I'm sorry.