Doom 2 Map 12: The Factory (Ultra)

Now it's time to play the excellently-designed, yet horribly-textured Doom 2 map, "The Factory". The level design here is fantastic, as it treats the outside area of the map as a hub, and the individual buildings are isolated mini-quests or puzzles in themselves. A classic example of why Doom's level design was superior and more fun to play than today's acutely-linear cut-scene festivals.

It's just unfortunate that the earth-based levels in Doom 2 all shared the worst skybox ever made. The various brick wall textures on display here just make everything worse.

I just may load this up in DDT10b and change the skybox and all the textures to a different theme...

It's worth explaning that the beginning of this video is filled with me complaining about the mouse clicks and weapon switching. Ignore that and enjoy the rest of it. Remember. this is a video of me playing Doom 2, so the word 'fuck' happens every 10 seconds or so.