Doom 2 Map 8: Tricks and Traps (Ultra)

This one was an absolute motherfucker. This is where I hit the Ultra-Violence brick wall.

Things started off well, I was conserving my scant supply of ammo and keeping on top of my health, all while dispatching monsters efficiently. Somewhere in the last 4 minutes of this video, though, everything kinda just goes to shit in 5 seconds. I forgot to save my progress up to that point, which of course backfired spectacularly when I triggered a room with about 30 imps and a Hell Knight inside. I didn't make it.

What really sucks is that for the rest of the attempts I made at this level, I could not win. No matter what configuration of health\armor\tactics I tried, I just couldn't get through it.

I actually came back to it several days after this and killed it in one sitting.