2015 GamePunchers Game of the Year

2015 GAME OF THE YEAR IS IN THE BAG!    If you want to listen to the show look for Episode 151 in the podcast list.

Here is a list of each presenter's choices from five to number one.

Fish - Heroes of the Storm / Axiom Verge / Undertale / MGS V Phantom Pain / Soma

Jon - Star Wars Battlefront / MGS V Phantom Pain / Batman Arkham Knight / Rise of the Tomb Raider / Until Dawn

Fraser - Zombie Army Trilogy / Captain Toad Treasure Tracker / Ori and the Blind Forest / Batman AK / MGS V Phantom  Pain

Steve - Fallout 4 / Witcher 3 / Batman AK / Dying Light / Wolfenstein The Old Blood

Sooooo...., if we give reverse points (five for 1st, four for 2nd etc..), and shuffle Steve's about so Batman doesn't win, we have the following interesting results.

- Only 3 games on our lists got repeat votes. That means between us, we voted for 15! different titles.  Vive la différence!

As such, we leave it to you to decide who should get 3rd place.  Put your own game in there if you want.

2nd - Even with a ton of criticism and a PC mess...  BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT 

but it's the pod's favourite....


We love you Snake!  (and Hideo!)