Games of the Generation Top 10

Episode 58 of our podcast was devoted to choosing our top 10 games of the last console generation.  In case you haven't listened (in which case you should), or if you have listened and need to see the list in print, see below.  Like most lists, this one is purely subjective on our part, and a lot of games were grudgingly put to the sword to get to these ones.  Check out the podcast to hear how we got this result, and feel free to drop us a line with any feedback.

Gears of War

Voted by all three of us, it made the list, no questions asked.  Gears brought new mechanics, an exciting new IP, and above all, fun, to our Xbox 360.


Portal 2

The only debate here was 'Portal' or 'Portal 2'.  Portal 2 had to win after they added so much to an already amazing game.


Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Love it or hate it, COD4 took the FPS on the consoles and cranked it beyond 11. 

cod 4 mw.jpg

Red Dead Redemption

Grand Theft Horse. An epic battle for survival in a beautiful open world.


Uncharted 2

Too slick to be unseated by Tomb Raider. Nathan Drake gave us a thrilling ride from start to finish.



Nothing prepared us for the world of Rapture and the story and adventure that would unfold.



Bafflingly simple concept, unbelievably immersive and addictive.



Action role-playing on an immense scale. 


The Last Of Us

Another PS3 exclusive, another Naughty Dog triumph.


Batman: Arkham Asylum  

A super-hero game? Done well? You better believe it.


Honorable mentions (games that fought hard but didn't make the ten)

Tomb Raider

The Walking Dead

Super Mario Galaxy

Halo 3

Assassin's Creed 

Mass Effect

Shadow Complex

.... and about 20 others....