Buying a PS4 or XBone? I love you.


...and here's why.  I like bang-for-buck.  I always have.  If I'm not maximizing return on my spending I feel like I'm doing it wrong.  This mentality came about when I entered the working world and learned all about profit margins.

Everything has a cost, but everything on top of that is money out of my pocket and into somebody else's.  When those wonderful new consoles go to market, they hit the ground running at the largest profit margins they'll probably see in their lifespan. I don't begrudge anyone that.  Sony and Microsoft have millions of dollars of investment tied up in these units, and so do retailers and developers.  None of us work for love only.

Return on those investments secure a console's future and lurking around the corner, ready to pounce when things cool off in a few months, is me.  That's when I get on board.  Price reductions should be in effect on the machines, and the used market for games will have reached a slow simmer.  But that scenario is not in my future if the enthusiastic fans or 'early-adopters' don't help it get there.  You are the ones who finance the march of the consoles and the games. You help highlight problems on the early units and also fund re-designs.  You keep the buzz going. You make it happen.


And for that, I love you. x