Steve Plays Dead Space 3 (quietly)

Please to be watching my virgin playthrough of the Dead Space 3 demo that took place last night.

How is it?

It looks fantastic, handles just like you'd expect a Dead Space game to handle, and the sound effects and general background stuff is Dead Space-ass Dead Space. Huge chunks of very actiony gameplay scattered throughout the demo do tend to overly bro-ify proceedings, however, which makes me sad on the inside a little bit.

Make no mistake, For all its victories, this game has been EA'd all the way to hell and back. The days of a humble yet thoroughly entertaining Dead Space game are but a whiff of a memory at this point.

Visceral have marginalized the unapologetic grind and loneliness of the original Dead Space (and to a slightly lesser degree Dead Space 2), and replaced it with a step-by-step, hand-holdy, in-your-face story, and newly-introduced cover-based combat (complete with a 'zombified' monster type that basically possess soldiers carrying rifles so you have something to hide in cover from).

The Co-Op could be a refreshing experience, however. I haven't tried that yet, but I intend to soon.

So, sit back and enjoy over 30 minutes of non-stop, commentary-free, gameplay. Just the gameplay.