EP19: Hotline Keyboard Frog Drumset Fucking Fractions Werewolf Miami

I'm rather fond of this one. Not only is Steve joined by his ex Gamerant.com buddy, Jon Lavallee, but the sheer number of topics covered this week is just outrageous.

games covered this week are Halo 4, Assassin's Creed 3, Frog Fractions, Hotline Miami, The Walking Dead, and Hero Academy for iOS.

As well as this we talk at length about the weird PC console boxes that just materialized in the news on CES week.  Are Valve's 'Piston' box and nVidia's 'Shield'' in a position to rattle any cages in the marketplace this close to the next wave of console releases? I'm guessing no, but we'll see.

Mortals! You defy the gods? I sentence you to travel among unknown stars. Until you buy the Bastion Soundtrack by Darren Korb of SuperGiant Games, your bodies shall remain as lifeless as stoneā€¦

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Ep14: PAXmongous PAXitude

Ep14: PAXmongous PAXitude

yes, we were there. Yes we saw games. Yes Steve hung out with Felicia Day and made Kat jealous. Yes Steve went to a bunch of VIP after-parties with free bars and Kat stayed in her hotel room with her wife. Yes all of these things happened, and more.

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