Ep179: Respect

It's bloody karma. We spend time ego stroking about getting episodes out and recording with some degree of quality and then we end up having audio problems in editing.  You might not even notice, but you know what? I notice. .. so there.  Anyway.  Steve and Fraser dived on the grenades anyway and put together something for you.  You.  Our lovely listeners.  Who we love. Honestly.

SP: The Surge, Polybius, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Dark Souls 3

FM: Type: Rider, Nier Automata, Battlegrounds

• We record the show live, typically on Sundays at 8:30PM EST, but this is no way cast in stone.. at http://twitch.tv/gamepuncherspod

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• Most of our professional intro bumpers are performed by the amazingly talented voice artist Kathryn Haywood. She can be found, communicated-with, and booked on her website. Thank you Kathryn!

• The intro is called Breakthrough by Ben Landis, and can be found on the Adventures in Pixels album.

• The outro music, as always, is the amazing Roll With the Changes by the immortal REO Speedwagon.

• We use the track At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal by the John Anderson Big Band for the Charts.