Ep111 BullPunchers End of Year Collabo 2014 ** FULL **

** NOTE ** This is the full episode 111, with improved audio and not split in twain.  We felt it deserved a touch-up.  Sorry for the lower quality previously.


It happened a SECOND time. The devilishly handsome Bullshot! Podcast squad roll with the GamePunchers once again - this time to enunciate with great self-importance their chosen  games of the year 2014. 


The voices you shall hear within are:

  • Jim Plachy AKA Plachy
  • Brendan Saricks AKA TheJesusFish AKA Fish
  • Steve Pendlebury
  • Jon Lavallee
  • Fraser Moores

Absent: Dave AKA Dave :(

 A million thanks once again to the wonderfully talented (and extremely generous) Kathryn Haywood.
She performs all of our intro bumpers are all performed by her and she can be found, communicated-with, and booked on her websiteThank you once again Kathryn!