Ep13: Gunship Ready, Need a Ride?

Ancient Chinese proverb: When the Kat-shaped void appear, fill with Fish.

So it is, then, that filling Kat's shoes this week is the spectacularly-vivacious Brendan Saricks, AKA The Jesus Fish, of Bullshot! Podcast fame. You know, that strange man on episode 10.

Did you hear that? That sound signals that it's time to shout at the videogame industry, to make fun of Sony's beleaguered face-man, Jack Tretton, and to do Tribes 2 impressions. Surely it's only a matter of time before Tresspasser crops up in the conversation? Surely...

Games covered this week include Waking Mars for those iOS gadgets, Tribes Ascend, Tribes 2, Tribes, Starseige, Killzone 3, Twisted Metal, Battlefield 3, and, oh yes, Lumines for the PS Vita!

I leave you now with the wisest words I know: Informer, ya-know say daddy-me snow-me I gon' blame. I licky boom-boom down. Detective man he said say daddy-me snow-me stabbed, somewhere down the lane. I licky boom-boom down.


Mortals! You defy the gods? I sentence you to travel among unknown stars. Until you buy the Bastion Soundtrack by Darren Korb of SuperGiant Games, your bodies shall remain as lifeless as stone…

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