Ep10: Assassin's Ass

Wow - what a strange edition of GamePunchers we have for you this week.

While Kat is away celebrating her friend's homecoming, Steve invites national treasure and Bullshot! Podcast alumni, The Jesus Fish, onto the show to do what he does best - talk about video games and the industry with commanding authority and casual ease.

Topics this week include the utter pointlessness of Assassin's Creed's Animus/Desmond storyline, what all zombie games are still getting wrong, the used video game sales debate, and how much/little of a self-centered twat John Romero is.

Games covered this week are the Assassin's Creed series, the Mass Effect series, Doom 4, Dead Island and the Twisted Metal demo.

Hold on to your junk, folks, because this one feels different.

As always, if you enjoy the background music of the podcast, know now that it is Darren Korb's electrifying Bastion soundtrack from SuperGiant Games. Get yourself a copy right here.

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