Ep8: Deuce Dizzle

The new year is finally here, so what better way to celebrate than by doing the same thing we do every week: recording a podcast about games?

Kat's single-threaded gaming habits continue into 2012, by exclusively playing Rayman: Origins and not a single other fucking thing, whereas Steve got a bigass TV over the holidays and played as many games as possible on it, for science purposes and the likes.

Topics covered this week include (but are not limited to) Skyrim, Saints Row III, the Dead Spaces, the contemporary combats, and Renegade Ops. Listen, Subscribe, Enjoy and, most importantly, LANGUISH in-betwixt our voices as we drink coffee, smoke e-cigarettes, drink beer, and tea... and milk.

As is the usual custom, I will once again thank Darren Korb of SuperGiant Games for granting us permission to use the whole Bastion Soundtrack for our audio accompaniment. Please go here and buy yourself a copy of it for yourself and/or a loved one!