The Walking Dead - A Watershed Moment For The Adventure Genre

The Walking Dead by adventure alumnni TellTale Games started out for me as a maudlin foot-dragger, filled to the gills with aimless busy-work and mindless conversation trees.

The shitness reached its apex as I found myself stuck in its deepest, darkest duldrums of the drug store, around mid-season 1. At this point I'd had more than my fill of the cocky guy with the handlebar mustache, the 'gee-wiz' kid with freckles on his nose, and the token 'miserable bitch'.

I'd had enough, but somehow I dug deep into the well of my soul and pulled out enough gumption to power through to Season 2.
And I'm glad I did.
Holy balls. The Walking Dead -- as an entity consisting of the whole 5 episodes -- is currently my number 2 spot for GOTY (Journey on the PS3 being my No.1).

Episodes 2 and 3 have impressed me immeasurably. I have been faced with moments of decision-making no game before it has ever had the brass balls to even hint at. Not only this, but when the game executes on these moments, they hit with true impact and meaning, which is a testament to the rock solid voice cast.

If you've been on the fence on this one at all, get off it and play.